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  1. 2021 Hyundai Elantra About to Get Dramatic Redesign Like Sonata Stay tune for more info.
  2. Hi all, I'm a newbie here first time buying car. Im interested at elantra, avante, vios and shuttle. What's the reasonable price for the cars and how much depre to look at? My wife prefer PARF Car but yet to view any yet. Im OK with COE car. But now COE damn high, Used Car also follow COE price.
  3. This thread will focus on the upcoming facelift model 2019 Elantra [update on 26 Jun 2018] [update on 12 Jul 2018] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_3Q1YmUX6E
  4. Hyundai has quietly published the first images of its mildly updated Elantra on its website in South Korea where the compact sedan is sold as the Avante. The styling revisions come quite early in the life cycle considering the seventh generation was unveiled in March 2020 before going on sale later that year. The bulk of the changes is noticeable at the front where the 2024 Avante gets flatter headlights flanking a newly added metallic bar stretching across the entire width of the grille. Speaking of which, Hyundai has decided to split the grille into two by adding a body-colored element in the center. It makes the grille less in your face, and we'd argue that’s for the better. Faux air intakes at the corners of the bumper lend the front fascia a sportier appearance. There's not much going on at the rear where the Elantra's taillights have been seemingly carried over. We do notice the bumper has a different look with a pseudo diffuser and a wide U-shaped silver element extending from one corner to the other. We're getting the impression there are more glossy black surfaces than before while the red horizontal reflectors appear to be slightly wider. With this being only a facelift, the side profile has been carried over nearly unchanged, although those two-tone wheels seem to be a new variation of an existing set. In addition, the plastic panel at the C-pillar has a more intricate pattern now while the chrome beltline is slightly thicker at the end. Inside, a new Sage Green theme with eco-friendly material is the only novelty announced thus far.
  5. Is all new model. So I create a new thread for everyone to comment and discuss. If COE drop below $20k(although very unlikely). Will this become best selling model again?
  6. Hi folks, Looks like my current budget only allow me to buy Avante 1.6A car in the range of 2008-2009 registered vehicles. As such, would like to seek fellow Avante drivers about the maintenance section. 1. do Avante like some older car need to change timing belt ? If yes, at what mileage interval (e.g. 60KM) need to change and how much $$$ ? And also, does it also need to change the water pump that usually associated with timing belt ? 2. How much is to replace the original shock absorber (4x) ? 3. How much to replace the aircon fan belt ? 4. Anything special about Avante car battery ? Can settle with $150 ? 5. So far anybody overhaul or change their auto gearbox before ? If yes, how much ? 6. Anybody replace their master brake pump ? If yes, how much ? The above is based on my current ride experience which I need to replace. Any other areas where I have missed, will be be glad if you can point out to me :) Thanks
  7. Hi all, I'm new here with a recent purchase of the avante S model. Since the purchase, there has been a creaking sound from the under carriage on the driver side. Only can be heard at 100km/h or above. I sent it in for a check and the mechanic said he tightened some bolt at the under carriage and asked me to monitor. Even after this, the sound is still there. Anyone encountered this? Apologies if this has been raised before as I have not read through the entire thread yet. Thanks 🙏
  8. With border restrictions lifted on the 1st of April 2022, Singaporeans can finally travel to Malaysia whenever they want. That means driving in for 'Lok Lok', getting a massage or filling your tank with subsidised petrol is now possible once again! However, security and law enforcement across the border tends to sway on the lax side of things as seen in this alarming video of a Singapore-registered car being "broken into". Or is there another story? Don't be so quick to judge Before you read on, let me establish the possibility of having two sides to the story. The obvious story A Malaysian man (supposedly) was caught on camera attempting to break into a Singapore-registered Hyundai Avante using a tool that resembles a metal ruler. The culprit was likely eyeing valuable contents in the car. Despite committing a crime in broad daylight, he seemed calm during his break-in attempt. In fact, it seemed like he was experienced in what he was doing. It is unknown if the culprit was successful in his break-in attempt. Another story to consider Some comments on the post have said that the man works at a car wash and was trying to retrieve the car key, which was locked inside the car as the auto-lock function did not work in his favour. And just so happens, the person filming the video happened to witness the entire incident without any context and assumed the "culprit" was trying to break into the Singapore-registered Hyundai. If you think about it, it makes sense for the "culprit" to appear calm as he was not committing a crime. A random thought: Can your car auto lock if your car key is inside the car?🤔 Wouldn't a modern-day car have a feature to prevent locking your keys inside your car? Strange. Which side of the story do you think is true? Let me know in the comments below! Update #1- 11th April 2022, 2315h Update #2- 13th April 2022, 1130h Netizens' Comments With this video going viral, the queue to enter JB is gonna be much smoother🤭 Just gonna leave this here~ ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  9. Am thinking of changing to a sedan from a crossover, due to itchy backside, excuses are unsatisfactory fc and poor acceleration, before my legs are too weak to squat getting into car. What's your preference and what you think of each choice ? Hope to get some pointers from fellow forumers. Thanks.
  10. hi everyone, posting here since i can't start a new thread yet. im a first time buyer looking to get a COE honda fit/civic or any other COE car which gets me from A to B. my question is, should i get a COE car which has been renewed for 5 years or 10 years? my friend has told me that if i get a 5 year one, at the end of the 5 years i will have to scrap the car which leaves me no value, so basically i'll waste the $$. however if i get a 10 year one, at the end of the 10 years i still can have the option of renewing the COE or selling it altogether. any advice? thanks!
  11. My Hyundai Avante (70,000km) is giving me this issue and seeking advice from anyone who have experienced this before. Six months ago, I observed a knocking sound coming briefly (about 2-3 seconds) from the front driver-side wheel area whenever I start moving off the car in the morning. The sound disappears after that till next morning. So I ignored it. However, last few months I have been driving long distance daily (~200km) and the problem has been getting worse. The sound is very frequent every time I make a turn and very obvious at slow speed. I could not notice this sound when driving in expressways. From yesterday evening, the front left wheel side started giving the knocking sound and it continues even in higher speeds/expressways and now the issue is a nuisance and I need to fix this. 1) Is it a risk if I continue driving with this issue? 2) What could be the cause of this issue? 3) Any reliable and reasonable workshop that specializes in Korean Cars/this type of issue? Thank you in advance!
  12. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/hyundai-recalls-over-390k-vehicles-for-possible-engine-fires-14744106
  13. Car shopping time ! But really cant make up my mind to get which of the above I know the main difference is power but be very honest nowdays cant go to bolehland... i feel can live without it... Prev Gs450h locally never press past 110 anyway... Just some thoughts about each car Avante CN7 2021 1.6A Elite ($96,999?) - PRO I have not purchase new car b4. might be a good experience ...😂 - PRO Fuel Consumption from what i hear is 15-18km/L sounds good ! - PRO Interior is quite beautiful.. esp elite model w white leather -CON Premium 33%.... What? = ARF only 6k - CON Poor specced vs Korea model - CON Questionable reliability (Especially IVT) Harrier G-Grade Turbo 2.0T ($108k+-?) - PRO Toyota reliability (hopefully, i was scalded by lexus once😂) and resale value - PRO not tried yet but i heard the soundproofing is almost lexus like. as a previous lexus owner i surely miss NVH - PRO Although looks older but comes w nappa leather and interior build quality inside seems pretty good ! - CON Loses out on cost for petrol, insurance, road tax vs the avante (esp petrol n insurance) - CON Infotainment screen.. WOW! a trip back to 2005 - CON its used vs new, not sure how big of a difference it would make. Harrier turbo owners please advice about the infotainment screen, sound system (stock), FC , NVH and etc... love to hear your thoughts Anyway safe driving bros Jon !
  14. My Avante 1.6 (2008 model) has been great and no major issues so far. However, it gives me headache when each time I go to petrol station. As shown in the pic, the white color plastic sleeve inside the fuel pump is sunken (moved inside) over the years. Therefore, need to pump petrol manually. Meaning we cannot lock the nozzle and let the tank fill automatically. Instead have to manually half-press the fuel nozzle handle and hold it to slowly fill the tank. It takes almost 12-15min to fill the tank fully. This is very troublesome. The technician in the workshop pulled the plastic sleeve up a bit, but next day it went back again. Anyone has seen similar issue before and managed to fix?
  15. All Kia / Hyundai owners (2016 onwards models) How is your general experience with Hyundai & Kia In the past few years ? Ive been keen on the New CN7 Avante for awhile now, but i keep seeing recalls, problems, horror stories online From Theta 2 engine, Gamma Engine, DCT problems (in tuscon 1.6T), IVT problems , Aircon got water sounds, trunk seeping water , extreme vibration when idling, screeching, door opening while driving, transmission jerking, loss of power... wah too many to list.... But all these problems ive not heard from my friends that own hyundai & kia locally, generally said problem free There is even a nationwide petition against hyundai & korean govt for an apology ... 222k people signed. Was keen on CN7 Avante Elite... Seems like good value for money with packed features ( Dual power seats with driver memory, Beautiful interior, Heated n Aircon seats) And stuff like the seat functions above... headache to add aftermarket also right? Mazda 3 has driver power seat with memory... but no passenger side ... Altis dont even need to see Having second thoughts on the Hyundai & Kia Brand... Any bros wanna share their experience good or bad ? Drive safe all
  16. Hi Bro Anyone here driving a Avante. I have this problem whereby when I turn my steering wheel left or right side, I heard tick tick and clock clock sound and also heard rubber rubbing sound. Anyone experience it? What is happening? Anyone slove this problem? Can tell me which workshop you resolve it? And how much in total Please advise Kelvin
  17. Dear All – Hope all is well. It has been a while since I start a new thread. I need some advices on tyre change. I have sleepless nights. I am currently driving a manual Avante 1.6L car. Just this Saturday (4th May) I just changed my 2 old tyres (Kumho) installed in the front, to 2 new one (BFGoodRich Advantage T/A) My previous Kumho was changed on 11 July 2015 at a Mileage or 39800km Last Saturday 4th May 2019, I went to one workshop to request for a tyre rotation service because last November when I went to Komoco to service, they refuse to rotate for me because they told me my Kumho tyres are getting bald head (BOTAK), 2 words from them "NO POINT". In the end under Mechanic’s advice last Saturday (in Bukit Merah Lane), I changed Kumho to BFGoodRich. Kind of confused why need to change now and I cannot find any good review on BFGOODRICH! Per last Saturday, my car Mileage read 79285km (Means my Kumho ran for 39485km approximately. Now the configuration of my Avante is 2 Front tyres is a pair of BFGoodRich 2018 and 2 Back Tyres is a pair of Michelin 2012 (Changed before I change Kumho) My Question now is Is it necessary to change my Back Tyres to a pair of new one? Should I use back BFGoodRich? The threading still left a lot to use. Is Michelin brand. Hence I just want to confirm can we use a 7 years old Tyres? I went to Sin Ming one of the Motor shop to request to change BFGoodRich from front to back so that I want to wear off the Michelin pair when I put them in front, Uncle told me he refused to change because Michelin ones are 2012. He told me his has a strong principle being a professional car mechanic, what happen if after he changed and then my car got into accident? May I know what are my options? I have sleepless nights after I changed to BFGoodRich. Because I intend to change all four to GoodYear which I have been researching for months that Good Year are fuel efficient tyres. Option1: Change Michelin to BFGoodRich? Option2: remain same configuration under COE ends? Option3: Change all 4 tyres to GoodYear? Option4: Sell my car now and get a 7 seater? My COE ending 2020 May next year. Mileage done is still less 80k. one Full Tank 45L I can clock 700km per 1 pump of 95. I only drive on Sat and Sun. Mine is a OPC. Thank you.
  18. Budget about $30K Depri about $5K I30 vs Avante vs Cerato Any thoughts on these or any other recommendations?
  19. Hi My car is facing this problem. When I clutch in, I feel very hard to clutch in when the car get hot. When the car cool down, the clutch is easy to clutch in. What happens? Please advise
  20. Mechanic says my ride aircon compressor giving out noise liao... its already 7yrs old ride. Any avante driver here change their aircon compressor before? How much does it cost and which aircon servicing shop should I go ? Need to change or just change oil? since only 3 more years to drive...
  21. Dear All.. I would like to seek advise from all of u on regards of these 2 cars. Thanx very much!1
  22. Being scouting ard the market to look for a replacement vehicle for my 5 years old nissan sunny... due to other financial commitment... finally settled for a car less than 50k.... Hyundai Avante and Kia Forte come to my mind... both is sedan cos i needed the boot and both fit my budget... testing time... Kia Forte first... due to the heavier weight... the moving off is sluggish... like my sunny... plenty of gadget to play with... chio design... but the attitude of the SE killed it... a take it or leave it attitude... i didnt wan to make a scene... quietly left Kia and went over to Hyundai... Hyundai Avante... the friendly SE is able to give me an excellent package... test drive is positive as i love how to car handle and the pickup is decent... so much better than my sunny... the manual gear box is butter smooth... but not honda smooth... and its a simple no frill design... for the same manual car... i saved 3k compared to forte... but the electric steering is way too light... but the SE mentioned that it can be tuned heavier... weird... Avante had been ard for quite some time... and most prob had been iron out... i needed a strong reliable car... confirmed coe and delivery of car before cny also sealed the deal... looking forward to my new car...
  23. Hi guys, anyone can advise on the length for Hyundai Avante Wiper Blade ??? both Front and Rear ... Need the info urgently, helping my friend to buy and he dunno how to check the length ... thanks in advance
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