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Found 739 results

  1. Anyone bought car insurance from the above mentioned before? Got a quote from there and its 50% cheaper then what MSIG and agents quoted me.
  2. ComfortDelGro is offering its passengers the option to be insured against accidents or covid for $0.30 per ride Some features: - coverage for personal accidents such as accidental death and permanent total disability of up to $50,000 for 24 hours starting from the time they board the taxi - $500 cash payout for anyone who has taken the COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction test and is tested positive for COVID-19, within 14 days from the date of the ride; and is hospitalised to receive in-patient treatment for a consecutive period of at least three days after testing positive for COVID-19. 30 cents, you will pay anot? Source: https://www.sgcarmart.com/news/article.php?AID=25772
  3. 6 men, allegedly insurance claims specialists, appear out of nowhere along PIE after accident They allegedly show up quite quickly after an accident along the roads in Singapore. https://mothership.sg/2021/09/claims-specialists-singapore/ The video was uploaded to the SG Road Vigilante platform on Sep. 22, 2021. A video showing the aftermath of a minor vehicular accident along the Pan Island Expressway on June 6, 2021 has gotten motorists in Singapore talking. Within a day, it has been viewed more than 317,000 times. 6 men appear out of nowhere The description of the video on YouTube gave a vague account of what was shown in the short clip, in which numerous men were seen congregating by the road shoulder of PIE towards Tuas near the Kallang Bahru exit. The description also said the men appeared out of nowhere to the scene and were allegedly soliciting the motorists involved to file insurance claims. Based on what could be seen, there were six men involved -- four men exited the yellow Honda and two from the black Audi. However, the contents of the video soon became more apparent as more commenters on Facebook chimed in with their own experiences having also apparently encountered something similar previously.
  4. The driver of this Mitsubishi Lancer must be kicking himself right now. I don't like to judge the way that other people drive their vehicles, but when it comes to drivers not exhibiting the most basic fundamentals of driving, it's hard to bite my tongue. In the video, the camcar is carefully driving down the SLE expressway along Woodlands Avenue 12 due to the wet weather. Upon reaching the expressway exit, the driver slows down after he notices the white Audi station wagon doing so as well. All of a sudden, a Mitsubishi Lancer appears out of the blue from the right at an increasingly high speed. Due to the driver's lack of foresight, the car ends up skidding on the wet road and briefly clips the camcar and the white Audi. The driver tries to stay in his lane and ends up hitting the back of a black Toyota Vezel. The force of the impact results in the Vezel hitting the back of a Toyota Altis as well. All in all, 4 vehicles were damaged by the Lancer, with the camcar and the Audi only suffering a few dents. I'm not sure how experienced he is, but I'm pretty sure the Lancer driver can kiss his No Claim Discount (NCD) goodbye after this accident. What is NCD? No Claim Discount (NCD) or No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a discount on a driver's car insurance premium based on how long he has been driving and his existing claims record. As drivers accumulate more years of driving without making a claim, they would be entitled to a discount on the yearly premiums. Given that the driver has been insured with the same company for the past 12 months and does not have any accidents reported or made any claims under his own policy, a cumulative discount will apply whenever he renews his policy with the insurance company. An example of this would be: So if a driver has been accident-free for 5 or more years, he would be entitled to a 50% discount on his yearly premiums. That's a huge discount right there! Unfortunately, the moment a driver gets into an accident, the discount is removed and the premiums for the next year will definitely rise. What if the driver was under the influence of alcohol? If the driver is found to be under the influence by the police, the insurance company will not be paying a single cent. This would mean that all of the repair costs will be paid from the driver's own pocket, which might land him in hot water if he is unable to afford it. Netizens' reactions Yep, that's right! Also, isn't it common sense to slow down around bends? This is why we listen during our theory lessons - to avoid making idiotic mistakes like this. I think our Lancer driver might have to ransack his house to pay off his high premiums! 🤣 Moral of the story: Don't be a hero and slow down around bends! -------------- Thinking of selling your car? sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest selling price for your car. We’ll even give you $100 cash if you find a better offer elsewhere! Get a free quote to find out how much your car is worth today!
  5. VteckiCk

    Car Insurance Scam??

    93K u'd think someone nearly died in this accident... Higher than the car value.. 5k maybe even excessive. Taking this as real and not fake news, how to dispute such insurance claims?
  6. All bros, its the time of the year again. time for renewal of car insurance. i was shopping around online and found directasia. question is................... why directasia car insurance so cheap??? got wad ahm ahm clauses anot?
  7. 1. A motor insurance may be cheap, eg. DirectAsia (this is my current plan after I've switched from AAS available insurance plans since 2+ years ago). However, I have recently been told that when it comes to claims, there seems to be fineprints that void certain claims, eg. windscreen. 2. My NCD is 50% discount and I am thinking thrice now about renewing with DirectAsia - because in case I have claims, I don't want to be caught by it's fineprints. 3. This survey is to crowdsource motor insurance claim experiences from fellow forumers who have had at least 1 claim and would appreciate if you can reply by stating these information: (a) Name of Insurance company (and the motor plan if you recall, if not nevermind) (b) Give a score of between -10 to +10 (where the extreme -10 is no claim despite your situation being seemingly a valid claim, and +10 if your claim process is a smooth and quick claim with bare minimum fuss) © Optional: Which year? (if you remember) (d) Optional: You may also choose to elaborate your score, esp. if it's very negative or very positive - optional. 4. While a few data points may not be reliable, however if we have a lot of data points (eg. 100 people claiming terrible experiences with company XXX, or excellent experiences with AAA, then we know what is more probable). 5. Here we go, this is a list of 44 motor insurance companies listed in one motoring: 1 Action Garage Pte Ltd Able Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd AB Lim & Sons Enterprises Aik Chong Insurance Agency All Solutions AMA Insurance Agency Anika Insurance Brokers & Consultants Pte Ltd Automobile Association of Singapore AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd Beng Soon Holdings Pte Ltd BMC Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd Chartis Singapore Insurance Pte Ltd Cowell Insurance Pte Ltd Daglen Insurance Agency Dickson Auto Agency Direct Asia.com Esse Insurance Agency ETS Insurance Agency Far Eastern Insurance Agency Gideon Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd GSC Auto Services Pte Ltd High Power Enterprise Insline Insurance Agency Insure2give Pte. Ltd Inspro Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd JG Motor Agency JMT Insurance Agency K & L Services Agencies LQ Insurance Agency Pte Ltd Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd NSK Insurance Agency O C W Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd Poon Poong Motors Pte Ltd Powerton Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd Pure Insurance Pte Ltd Securisks Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd Sime Insurance Brokers (S) Pte Ltd Sino Credit Pte Ltd Specialists Motor Pte Ltd Sun Hwa Insurance Agency T K H Insurance Agency Tan Bros Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd Times Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd Tong Tah Insurance Vehicle Agency source: http://www.onemotoring.com.sg/publish/onemotoring/en/autoshop/motoring_directory/motorcar_insurance.html Namaste.
  8. Got quite confuse on their term ..., some got windscreen excess some dont have ... some say 3rd party injuries not covered some say yes.. . Price also alot difference some 700 some 1200... and is base on same profile.. Hope people here in MCF can enlighten American Home Assurance Company - Commercial Vehicle Insurance American Home Assurance Company - AIG AutoPlus Insurance American Home Assurance Company - AIG AutoPlan Insurance Asia Insurance Company Limited (Singapore) - Motor Insurance Aviva - online - Quoted $789 AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd - SmartDrive Asia Direct - online -Quoted $700 China Insurance Co (Singapore) Ltd - Car Insurance for Honda Car Owner First Capital Insurance Ltd - Motor Insurance India International Insurance Pte Ltd. - Motor Insurance Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd - Motor Insurance Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd - MotorMAX Insurance Nanyang Insurance Company Ltd - Private Motor Car Nippon Fire & Marine Insurance Co Ltd - Nippon Motor Protection NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Ltd - Motor Insurance - quoted $1200 Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance (S) Ltd - Car Shield Sompo Japan Insurance Company (Asia) Pte Ltd - Motor Insurance Tenet Insurance Company Ltd - Private Car Insurance United Overseas Insurance Ltd - Motor Vehicle Insurance Zurich Insurance (S) Pte Ltd - Motor Insurance
  9. WE PROVIDE QUANLITY & GREAT FINISHING FOR YOUR AUTOMOBILE WE ONLY USE DUPONT PAINTS SPRAY PAINTING BODYKIT BODY TOUCH UP/SCRATCHES/ACCIDENTS/REFURBISH PANEL BEATING RIMS TOUCH UP/REPAIR/REFURBISH CARBON REFURBISH 3RD PARTY INSURANCE CLAIM/CONSULT RESPRAY SAME OR CHANGE COLOUR SPECIAL EFFECT PAINT TOWING SERVICE CONTACT US @ 98520107 ah poh ah_poh20@hotmail.com 68 kaki bukit ave 6 ark@kb #04-11 (417896) IN-HOUSE COMPUTERISE FORMULA PAINT FOR ALL CARS OF MODEL. WE ARE USING DUPONT PAINT GET SICK OF STANDARD NORMAL COLOUR? WE BRING IN NEW PAINT FROM OVERSEA fFOR YOUR AUTOMOBILE ..... BLACK MIRROR EFFECT (PIANO BLACK) SPECIAL EFFECT DIAMOND EFFECT PEARLY EFFECT SUPER PEARL EFFECT SUPER DIAMOND EFFECT RAINBOW EFFECT MULTI-TONE EFFECT COME DOWN TO OUR WORKSHOP TO VIEW FOR YOURSELF THE COLOUR & GET A NEW OUTLOOK FOR YOUR CAR..... We accept Nets & Credit card & AMEX 0% interest free instalment for UOB 6/12/24/36 MONTHS 0% interest free instalment for HSBC 6/12 MONTHS NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR ALL CREDIT CARD WITH MINIMUM $500 We carry wide vairety of bodykit BELOW ARE SOME OF OUR WORK PCS PLS ENJOY 😉 BMW F10 RESPRAY & INSTALL W-DESIGN KIT[/size ] E-CLASS RESPRAY BACK TO SAME COLOUR C-CLASS W204 RESPRAY BACK TO SAME COLOUR C-CLASS W204 RESPRAY WITH CHANGE C63 BODYKIT PORSCHE 911 GT RESPRAY CLS CHANGE COLOUR FROM BLACK TO (SPECIAL EFFECT) SLIVER WHITE & INSTALL WALD FENDER BLACK MIRROR EFFECT http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c47/ah_poh20/DSC08372.jpg http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c47/ah_poh20/DSC08367.jpg http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c47/ah_poh20/DSC08373.jpg GMS CARWERKZ Call or sms or whats app us for a fast qoute or any enquiry We are glad to serve you 😉 Mon to Sat including P.holiday 10.30am to 7pm Hp : 98520107 (24hrs/365days) Email : ah_poh20@hotmail.com HSBC credit card 0% interest instalment free 6/12 mths UOB credit card 0% interest instalment free 6/12/24/36 months No extra surcharge or interest with minimum $500 Specialise in special effect paint Spray painting Bodykit Panel beating Rims repair Airbrush Towing Insurance claim Customise paint & bodykit
  10. i was diagnosed with high blood pressure about 6 years ago and have been on meds. (one pill a day). bought a GE hospital policy b4 my disgnosis and when i got warded for another issue, the co-payment thing applied. then my GE agent approached me and asked me to upgrade to their "100%" claim plan ... but required me to undergo medical tests which i have to pay for myself and not guarantee will accept my enrolment. so i refused to go for the med check and they rejected the proposal. then my AIA agent came to see me one day and told me about their 100% claim plan and then filled up the proposal and told me will get back to me. Called me up the next day and told me that his office told him that NOBODY will cover me becoz of my HBP. talked to an Aviva rep also ... and she also told me roughly the same thing ... pay more and and with exclusion. best one was got a cold-call from another AIA agent about 2 months back ... said will try to see what he can do .... never heard from him again after i told him i got HBP. so far have not had any sickness due to my HBP but it seems that insurance cos are very prudent nowadays with their selection of customers. any ins cos out there willing to cover me ??
  11. Hi guys, After yesterday's (20 Aug) flash flood occurrence, it got me thinking. Those 13 cars that got partially submerged, how ah? This kind of situation will insurance cover?
  12. To me, this is a pretty unusual and weird occurrence to experience a flying tyre on expressways in Singapore. As I have no prior knowledge and experience of this type of incident, I am curious to know what would be the possible actions that the camcar could take? And would insurance coverage be applicable in such a situation? At the speed that the tyre was flying towards the cam car, I reckon that the cost for repairs and replacements of parts would be a hefty sum. At the moment, I am still puzzled about the facts of the incident: 1. Is this the fault of the van driver? As he is responsible for: Spare tyre not being secured properly; and For playing the role of the "catalyst" in this incident, since the tyre was merely a stationary road hazard moments before the incident happened. 2. As the Subaru Forester driver caused the tyre to fly towards the cam car, is it his fault in this incident? 3. Are both the van driver and Subaru Forester at fault? 4. Or is the cam car just so damn unlucky, that he's unable to get any form of compensation for damages to his car? Hope you guys can enlighten me on these type of unusual incidents, and shed some light on the relevant procedures required. 🙂
  13. I am with MSIG motor insurance. Had an accident recently. Wanted to bring my ride to Lye Design to repair it. However Mei informed me that they are not an authorised workshop. I informed her that my insurance allows me to go to any workshop but she said they still can't repair for me. Does anyone knows why i can't go to certain workshops to settle the accident claims and yet mine is any workshops?
  14. Sorry all can I seek your opinions on the following matter. Sometime last year, I was coming to a stop when I misjudged and hit the car in front. Because speed was so slow, there was no damage to either cars. The car in front was a grab car with a passenger. He said he cannot decide whether or not a claim was needed to be made as it was a rental. I was concerned about potential inflated claims on his and his passengers part, so I made an incident reporting with my insurance. Fast forward 1 year, the other car did not submit any claims. So all seems well. I am now renewing my insurance. However I am being made to list this as an at fault accident. Fortunately NCD is not affected. My question is.. Given this is just an incident reporting and no claim was made, is it right to assign fault to any party? Furthermore the insurance coys have no picture/video evidence of the incident.
  15. Windwaver

    Integrated Shield Plan

    Did a search and is surprise nobody post this before https://www.todayonline.com/explainer-why-singapore-medical-association-and-private-insurers-locked-battle-over-integrated-shield-plans Explainer: Why the Singapore Medical Association and private insurers are locked in battle over Integrated Shield Plans The Singapore Medical Association (SMA) and Life Insurance Association Singapore (LIA) are at odds over the mechanics of Integrated Shield Plans SMA issued a position statement decrying that the insurers had formed “highly exclusive” medical panels and disrespected fee benchmarks SMA also complained that insurance premiums had increasingly been used for non-healthcare cost items LIA’s comeback alluded to “over-treatment” by medical providers It also criticised SMA for using misleading analysis SINGAPORE — An ongoing tussle between the medical fraternity and insurance companies is intensifying over the payouts, premiums and doctor panels of Integrated Shield Plans (IPs). Such insurance plans are made of two parts: A MediShield Life component managed by the Central Provident Fund Board, and the other is provided by private insurers. About seven in 10 residents here had bought these plans from private insurers to get added coverage on top of MediShield Life, the Government’s basic health insurance plan for all citizens and permanent residents. Last Thursday (March 25), the Singapore Medical Association (SMA) launched an offensive and spelt out in a position statement how IP insurers had been curtailing doctor choice by: This came after weeks of exchanges among insurance policyholders, doctors and the Life Insurance Association Singapore (LIA) on the topic in The Straits Times’ Forum page. SMA also said that insurance premiums collected were “excessively” spent on non-healthcare cost items, pointing out that the growth in insurers’ management expenses (56.6 per cent) and commission for insurance agents (50.4 per cent) had far outstripped that of the medical claims (35.9 per cent). “Instead of repeatedly lamenting that healthcare providers and policyholders are to blame for the losses incurred by some IP insurers through overconsumption, overservicing and overcharging, IP insurers should take the necessary steps to explore cutting their own management and commission costs to enhance the sustainability of the IP sector,” it said. LIA, representing insurers, issued a response to SMA on Monday, saying there were cases of “over-treatment” by medical providers and calling out SMA for using misleading analysis on insurers’ costs and claim costs. On its part, SMA has chosen to take matters into its own hands by introducing an initiative to rank insurers on an annual basis to show the public how appropriate each of the insurers’ fee scales are, and how difficult it is for policyholders to use non-panel doctors. SMA has also set up a complaints committee for patients and doctors to flag issues related to IPs and health insurance, including when patients are being denied insurance coverage or when doctors are not adequately reimbursed for their services.
  16. Goldenvodka

    FWD Insurance

    Any bros here is on FWD insurance: My vehicle insurance is going to expire soon and I went online to check it out and FWD provided an almost unimaginable offer. My details 29 years old married driving experience more than 5 30% NCD Suzuki swift sport 09 Excess was $1500. Can reduce to $500, additional 100 on quote The quote was about 650 still have 100 CapitaLand voucher which basically the whole insurance package cost only 550 effectively. which is too good to be true
  17. Friends I was looking at home and fire insurance for my place and I found out some things: the fire insurance that the bank makes you take when you have a loan will pay the bank first so if there’s no money left you come out empty Second is there anyone in their MCST? What does the condo insurance cover? Say there’s a fire in your home which damages the walls or some infrastructure, does the policy cover it? I've been diving into this recently - lets use an example say a homeowner is cooking and the cooker catches fire: (A) Burns only his own unit - walls are charred, tiles need to be replaced but no structural issues) (B) Burns only his own unit - fire burns through structural beam and needs looking into and repair (C) Burns his own unit, and burns through to the upstairs unit including structural issues Are all these issues covered under MCST insurance? Looking specifically at the building replacement, not renovation or contents insurance
  18. Would like to check if fellow car owners ever encounter any other motor insurance company putting such clause(s) in their policy: I / We understand that if my / our vehicle is a parallel imported model, in the event of an accidental windscreen damage or damage to the vehicle / accessories and if the parts are not obtainable from our local workshops, the Insured shall be responsible for all costs including air freight and storage charges due to the delay in repair to his / her vehicle. Just saw the small print in the policy when need to declare if the ride is from authorised dealer or PI, then it lead to small prints as worded above. Any one with experience to share? What is the worse that can happen for policy owner? Common among various motor insurance companies?
  19. Hi friends I am getting a new Honda Jazz soon and as a first time driver, i am required to take Honda's insurance for the first year. However, i was offered 1 year and 2 year package. I'm 30 years old, male. 1 Year - $1995, 0% NCD, Excess: $600 2 Year - $3331, 0%NCD, Excess: $600 May i know if i should take the first year or take the 2 year package. If i change insurance, will they consider my NCD based on the Honda insurance i signed for. Please kindly advise. New driver here. Thanks for the great help
  20. Hi all, I am sure that many of you will feel the same way as me. This has been happening in Singapore for the longest time and I feel it is time for insurance companies to sort this out. A common scenario is like this: Car A hits Car B from behind, the problem is driver A is intoxicated. B will be placed in a dilemma, if he reports A for drink driving, then insurance for A won't pay for any damages. B will lose out here. But if B reports this as a normal accident and A gets away scot free, then it is likely A will cause further serious even fatal damage down the road with their habit Insurance companies should be forced to pay up on behalf of their insured driver for the assessed liabilities and then afterward sue their client (drunk driver) for compensation. Reason being they have the resources to engage lawyers to easily get this done. On the other hand, which car driver (in B's shoes) is going to engage a lawyer to fight his case, knowing the costs are prohibitive etc. So for the moment, anyone who is in B's shoes will suffer financial loss from such accidents unnecessarily even though they are totally not at fault If we buy insurance, then we should it to cover our bs should the need arise especially when we are not at fault, otherwise we buy for what?
  21. Hi members, I got the cheapest quote from Budget Direct and likely will be buying from them. $700+ vs $1,000+ from NTUC!! Anyone got Buddy Id to share ? extra 5% and voucher for referral. Thanks Note: Did a search for Budget Direct and nothing found. Please help redirect if there's an existing thread.
  22. My car skidded and I went to make a claim. My car insurance company gave me 2 choices: 1) Claim total loss - $45k 2) Claim repair cost - Car Repair Cost $16k+/- after reducing the market value of my car, insurance company is only willing to pay $9k( they called it Economic Repair Limit) so I got to fork out $8k out of my own pocket. Which option would you guys take? Is there a third option?
  23. chitchatboy

    Weird things are happening in Yishun again!

    Weird things are happening in Yishun again. To be precise, at Blk 509B Yishun Ave 4 on the 20th July. For no apparent reason, this guy in orange simply falls down on his own as 'invisible forces' make him lose his balance. Also seen on SG Road Vigilante and circling around in many whatsapp group chat, this is clip is the perfect antidote for a boring and sleepy Monday. This should be a case of the guy wanting to try out an 'insurance scam' where by the pedestrian attempts to get hit by a moving car before proceeding to get compensation from the driver's insurance company. Unfortunately for the guy in orange, he looks quite silly 'falling' twice and with the driver's in-car camera showing clearly no signs of impact, his attempt is bound to fail. Check out what netizens have to say...
  24. Some people don't deserve to drive. Watch the video below and see whether you agree with our harsh comment or not. Posted by My Grandfather's Road, another traffic-shaming facebook page, is this video of a Honda City that almost came to a complete stop while on the first lane of the ECP. It is unclear how long ago this accident happened as the in-car camera video dates the incident on the 27th of Dec 2019 but the post was published today, 22nd of July 2020. We have no idea why the Honda driver attempted to slow down. Could it be that he or she realised that there is an exit and wanted to turn off at the last minute?
  25. Even if you are in a hurry, this is not the way to ride. Spotted going around group chats in Whatapp, a video of a biker who tried to overtake and crashed has gone viral recently. The accident which happened on TPE near IKEA Tampines, in the direction of Pasir Ris, was captured by the camera car on 27 Jun 2020. In the video we can see this biker who apparently had no bike license or insurance crashing badly while he tried to overtake the camera car which was changing lanes. Check out how far his bike went ahead of the camera car after the collision! According to Sg Road Vigilante, the rider was later arrested. Thankfully, the rider escaped death and we hope the authorities deal with him properly for hurting the road divider that he crashed into. Check out what netizens have to say about this crash!