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  1. I have an upright piano to move to my new house. Do you have any recommendation of a good and reasonable mover.
  2. Hi all, This may already be discussed, and if so, feel free to direct me to the topic. I can't seem to find it in the forums. For Audi cars, understand PA does tuning. Heard it is mtm stage 1 or something. Am I right? Any bros did it for their cars and are there any cons or things to take note?
  3. DTE Pedal Box for sale $125 suitable for BMW or Mini multiple tuning levels Text 96558997
  4. Hi, has anyone used this before? Any reviews? Does these chips actually increase the hp and torque?
  5. I'm thinking of adding unichip to my car since IHE are all done and there are little else that could be done to enhance further legally. Just wondering if it is worthwhile to get a used unichip and then go for installation and tuning? How much does the tuning cost and any good installers/tuners? Thanks
  6. Lejx

    Tuned Volvo D2

    Hi all Has anyone tuned their D2 engine? RaceChip or tuners Thanks for sharing.
  7. Incorporated in the Year 2005, PRO-JEX V2D is a full-fledged automotive workshop that provides professional services for your vehicle maintenance, servicing, repair and on-board diagnostic (OBD) – ensuring your vehicle is operating at optimum road worthiness and efficiency. Driven by a passion to excel in quality vehicle maintenance, and commitment to after-care service, we go the extra mile to pamper your car with all the attention it needs. Range of products available at PRO-JEX V2D Our Automotive Services: Servicing & Maintenance Diagnostic Services (OBD) Aircon Restoration & Repair Accident & Breakdown Recovery Engine Rebuild Auto & Manual Gear Box Rebuild Undercarriage & Suspension Rebuild Fuel & Performance Enhancement These are just some of the services that we provide. For our full range of products and services, simply give us a call at 8668 7676. PRO-JEX V2D is located @ Synergy @ KB 25 Kaki Bukit Road 4 #03-93 Singapore 417800 To make an appointment with us, call us at 8668 7676. Email: [email protected] Showroom & Tuning Hours: 9am to 7pm (Daily)
  8. Hello, all. I need some advise regarding some issue i have with my workshop. This are the few service i ask them to do, i spend thousands dollar to get it done, but its wasn't done and instead revert back. - change air intake pipe $300 - decat $400 - tuning $1070 After changing air intake pipe, 1st engine light come out, rpm drop up and down and my car stall (auto) , he told me need clean throttle body. 2nd time same issue he told me need tuning. (after decat and tuning) 3rd time, same issue he told me is my oxygen sensor got problem. In the first place i thinking he should have check it instead of dragging it. During the 3rd time, he ask me to go down his workshop to fix the engine light problem. I went to get it fix, instead it never worked. After awhile he say he go ask the tuning workshop then get back to me. Few days later he say will put back my cat. And he say he will retune my car also. Do you guys think this is appropriate? Can i ask for refund? Because I am thinking that i actually paying something but not getting it done.
  9. For anyone who wants to learn about ECU tuning, or any profession tuner who wants to widen your knowledge and improve you tuning skill. ECU tuning is not difficult, it
  10. Hi, Anybody tried the Racechip Ultimate? Any feedback? http://racechip.com.sg
  11. Hi, anyone installed and has experience with Audison Prima AP8.9 BIT ? Where did you go to have it installed, was the installer knowledgeable on doing the tuning and time callibration? Thanks.
  12. Hello there. I've been dabbling in tuning my Volvo V50 and I came across some problems all around. What would be the best option to maximize bhp without sacrificing the reliability of the car ? I found some different forums that provide different answers and I'm kind of in a hurdle to be honest. The second thing is where could I find the best part supplier ? I'm not really looking for a shop to do all the work because that really just takes out all the fun in it for me so doing the whole car by myself would be a very big accomplishment lol. I've looked on https://www.247spares.co.uk/volvo and https://www.autozone.com/ for some parts but I'm not really sure where else to look. Can I find good parts on these sites ? All help will be very appreciated because I really want to get started with my project haha. Thanks a lot!
  13. Hi. Can any bro recommend a performance tuning (Stage 2) for Audi - in JB or any other parts of Johor? Going to sell off the car but wants to make sure the car is properly tuned for the next buyer. That's why I am kindof price sensitive. Thank you.
  14. Just got word that VAG Singapore (private workshop) has opened a specialized Audi and Volkswagen service and tuning workshop in the Toh Guan area. Their website is www.vagsg.
  15. Dear all, If you have followed my previous thread, (http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2700072-mte-garage-bartley-biz-personal-experience/), you would know that I had a bad experience with an overpriced and un-usable custom tune (my opinion). Well to cut it short, aftermarket tuners haven’t not caught up with the skillset to tune newer Volvos yet. So after wasting $10k on some hot air blowing promises, I decided to just go with piggy back tuning from this company based in Germany called racechip. (http://www.racechip.com/chiptuning/volvo/s60/y20/t5-176kw/index.php). I paid $980 nett inclusive of labour and got the racechip ultimate. You can enquire it from Antz Automobile, Fong Kim, Nightz Concepts . So to put it succinctly, my previous unstable tune from MTE was full of torque steer (car vibrating when you accelerate too hard), slow pickup from 0-200km/h, little increase from HP and max speed top out at 200km/h. I tested the car in NS highway and these are my feedback. I reverted back to stock for a while and installed the RaceChip. The RaceChip feel was instantaneous. Higher torque from lower rpm, much more stability with no torque steer, way faster acceleration from 0-200km/h and top speed max out at 220km/h. For a mere $980, these improvements are well worth the money. Attached are the dyno for RaceChip and my previous unstable tune. While the unstable tune numbers look slightly better. It was a tune that was difficult to drive, huge fuel consumption and most importantly stalled the car constantly.
  16. Dear All, My name is Marcus. I would like to share my experience with MTE Garage(Bartley Biz Centre) and my journey in tuning my ride. I hope that my experience can allow any potential Volvo owners’ to evaluate the risk and adjust your expectation accordingly. There are lots of workshop and tuner that are respectable but there are those who are irresponsible as well. Likewise my experience do not necessary mean the same will happen to you. In a nutshell, my car was unsuitable for tuning and it cost a lot of problem to the extent of rendering it unusable before wearnes automotive (agent) solve it for me. There was huge gap between promise expectation and reality. I have attached all receipts and proof. 1. 01 July 2014 -Bought new 2013 Volvo S60 T5, 240hp, 320nm (no Drive E version) 2. 21 July 2014- Recommended by friend to MTE garage. Meet with owner Alex and discuss my expectations for my car. – To increase the drive response via tuning, upon recommendations, I was promised a custom tune with the following hardware upgrade which is necessary to complement the custom tune. I was promised an increase of 60+hp and 100+NM minimum. The verbal guarantee was that the hp will be over 300hp. My stock is 240hp. The upgrade bought was a. Ferrita DP/Catback exhaust- $3800 b. AEM methanol Kit- $1350 c. MTE custom Tune- $1350 d. Injen Short Ram (Full kit)- $1350 e. UR front strut bar- $190 f. Customised throttle hose- $160 Total: $8789 with gst 3. Turns out the Injen Air intake is incompatible with the car. The overflow of air cause the ECU to shut down the engine. Ended up with a DIY air filter which means I paid for something I cannot use and no refund was given. 4. Mid November- After waiting for 4 months after full payment, MTE arrange for shark performance from Uk to do a tuning trip in Singapore. Let me be upfront here, the tuning fail in the first round with sluggish performance because MTE accuses us for installing an aftermarket downpipe which affected the tuning. We replace back the original Ferrita DP and the tuning seems to work and we thought the tuning was completed. While the price was inclusive of a Dyno run verbally, none was arranged after a month. I was interested to know if the car exceeded 300hp as promised. Just to add, the tuning was done using the clipboard which open up the ECU and not a flash as per promised 5. 09 Jan 2015- despite repeated request for dyno with MTE, I was ignored. Paid for our own dyno run at monster tune and realised that the HP was a mere 248hp( only +8hp). To be fair the car did become more responsive with higher torque at lower RPM but the problems that ensued was not worth the improvement at all. I did not argue because such over promise by certain workshop is common in the business. 6. Problems: jan15 to may 15- Numerous check engine light, error codes but all resolved by a simple reset of error codes at agent 7. Problems: 3rd July error codes (unable to reset successfully) a. Reduced engine performance b. DSTC service c. Check Engine d. Multi Indicators light up e. Engine choking 8. Problems: 4 July- Car cannot start. Volvo replace fuel pressure. Collected car 9. Problems: 6th July – Car cannot start. All indicators light up again and return to agent, replace fuel injection pump 10. Problems: 11th August – Car cannot start. All indicators out again, choking engine, went back to Volvo, Volvo manage to reset code and diagnostic read “software incompatible with car” 11. Problems 15th August- Car cannot start. All indicators out again. Reloaded original ECU program 12. Problems 17th August Car stalled on road twice. Volvo mechanic while testing stalled again on the road. Volvo installed original air intake and did reset for the car. 13. 25th August- collected car, total spent $1592 over a few visit to Volvo. Whole fiasco including amount paid to MTE is around $10,701.00 and I bought only headaches To summarize, I was unlucky enough to be convinced that my car was tune ready and I spent $10k to bring myself a host of problems. I would like to share this experience with anybody who are thinking of tuning their Volvo. I will now be evaluating my recourse for this matter. Thank You MTE Receipt.pdf Volvo Receipt.pdf
  17. Hi, just wondering if anyone has any experience with adjustable cam gear? Any improvement in torque so far?
  18. The price difference between a 520i and 528i is $17k. The sales consult pointed out only 2 differences: 1) 17" vs 18" rims 2) 184hp vs 245hp (same engine, different state of tune) Question is: can the 520i be simply tuned to offer 528i performance. If so, where can this be reliably done?
  19. Hi all I am driving a Civic 2.0 K20Z, manual trans and would like to seek your opinions on the use of F-Con iS on my car. Not much info on the forum. Other than it being expensive, how is the performance of it? Reliable? Your opinions are greatly appreciated Thanks.
  20. Hi bros out there! Any recommendations for tuning Hyundai Tucson end 2008 model to get better FC and power?
  21. hi bros have the above statement stated would like to enquiry that where can i do my ecu tuning? at singapore or malaysia the cheapest ecu tuning? how to stop my car cut off? ecu tuning alone will it prevent any cut off at 180km/h?
  22. Hi there, i have a 2005 legacy gt 2.0 stock i heard JB is much much much cheaper to repair and modify cars, is this true? what i intend to do is: 1. repair suspension cause now got a lot of sounds like thud thud thud especially when go over slight rubble. 2. repair gearbox cause when accelerate from gear 1 to gear 2 in the morning, there will be huge jerk. but its just my guess. 3. repair the dashboard cause lots of cracks on the leather-looking material. 4. maybe change seats to lighter ones cause current stock one leather spoil liao. 5. maybe tune ECU so that turbo kicks in earlier, i heard rumors this improves FC, yay! 6. maybe repaint entire car. 7. maybe change exhaust to louder one that also improves bhp does anyone have any advice on the 7 items? like the estimated price, estimated savings, advice on the problems, suggestions for the modifications parts. thanks all.
  23. Here are four car tuning aspects and accessories to avoid if you do not want to damage overall performance of your car. Unlike other countries the local tuning market can be deemed as more of a cult culture, or so I believe, but even so it has to be done right. 1. Massive rims You've seen them in rap/R&B music videos, Fast and Furious series and perhaps spent a lot of time choosing the correct shoes for your car when playing video games. While large sized rims certainly add to the aesthetic appeal, people can get greedy at times. Upgrading from your stock wheel to larger and sportier ones isn't much of a problem if you are upgrading from let’s say 15 to 16-inches, but when you start going more than 2 or 3-inches over the manufacturer’s tyre size, you can soon run into trouble. If your overall wheel diameter (rim + tyre) exceeds what the manufacturer has made room for in the wheel well, the tyres can start rubbing against the wheel well liner each time you go through a bump. Plus, you have to note that large diameter rims are also wider, and these can grind against the wheel well walls. And larger wheels lead to another problem - low profile tyres. 2. Ultra low profile tyres Low profile tyres are perfectly at home on race cars where cornering grip is important over everything else. Yet, this could pose a serious problem on road cars. Low profile tyres have very rigid side walls and hence offer very little pliancy. While this might be desirable on the race track, where you want your car’s tyres to flex as little as possible under immense cornering forces, it does compromise on ride comfort. Additionally a less pliant tyre will cause your car’s suspension to work even harder, adding significantly amounts of wear and tear to the various suspension components. 3. Spoilers & other aero bits You see them all the time on JDM cars. Spoilers, flics, wide body, front and rear diffusers. But do they really work? The world of motorsports - specially Le Mans, GT, and DTM - cars are adorned with thousands of little wings, nips and tips and of course do not look anything like road going cars. And don't even get me started on Formula One. But the teams usually have an Aerodynamic specialist, who spends thousands of hours in the wind tunnel, trying to make the car as slippery as possible. Spoilers are mounted on the back of racing cars to create downforce at high speeds, which pushes the back down and provides cornering grip - but the ones offered by tuning kits are merely for show. I doubt even the massive rear spoiler on the A 45 AMG does anything? Regardless road cars are meant to be driven on normal roads, not the track. As such any default aerodynamic setting is more than essential. 4. Body kits The shark fin diffuser, large openings, hood scoop all aid in cooling and thermal dynamics of your car - if it is designed for racing. The thought of having a bucket seat and carbon hood, on a modest Japanese or Korean sedan baffles me. If any random auto enthusiast can slap a piece of carbon, lower his car, and install momo steering or brembo brakes to achieve Nurburging burning lap time performance - then the world of physics can be rendered useless.
  24. The BAC Mono is probably one of the most fun-to-drive track car of recent. It is likely to be one of the fastest too. Fans of Top Gear would especially find it familiar - the car was presented recently and stole the limelight when it propelled itself to the second top spot on the lap times chart. So what is the BAC Mono all about? Built by the Cheshire-born brothers - Neill and Ian Briggs - the BAC Mono was conceived with car enthusiasts in mind. Mono (short for monoposto or single seat) was designed to provide formula race car levels of handling and performance - hence an equivalent level of thrill. At 520bhp/tonne, the Mono has a power to weight ratio that supercedes that of the Bugatti Veyron. The result is a 0-96km/h in a mere 2.8 seconds and onto 160km/h in just 6.7 seconds. As with any track racers, sheer straight-line speed is not everything. But worry not, the Mono has the Briggs brothers' expertise to take care of things. All in all, 15 years of experience in the industry. To ensure that the Mono is a bang-on hit, the brothers sought the expertise of others. For instance, the aerodynamics were optimised with help from Stuttgart University. The car is constructed out of carbon fibre, with a turbular steel safety cell for the driver - a concept similar to that of a DTM race car. Then, there is the 2.3-litre unit from Cosworth, mounted longitudinally for better weight distribution. Suspension is rose-jointed, aero profiled push rod, with adjustable dampler from Sachs Racing. Brakes are courtesy of AP Racing. The list goes on. To us, the functional design of the Mono is simply stunning to look at. While we can't say an absolute no, there is a very slim chance that we'll ever get to try it. So to top it all off, a little competition is always interesting and exciting. Jump to the video below to see two drivers pit their skills in the Mono. P.S.: not just any driver - Ron Simons is a driving instructor at the Nurburgring; Sabine Schmitz a German professional racing driver, who is widely known as 'Queen of the Ring' with her two-time overall victories at the 24 Hr of Nurburgring in a BMW. http://dai.ly/x128g8e
  25. Are you an owner of a VW Scirocco? Does yours look any cooler than this one? This tuned VW Scirocco has been spotted in China quite recently. But why the VW Scirocco? Well, it's probably because in China, they say that this particular model from the German automaker Volkswagen is often fancied by Chinese young men with tight pants. So, while the body of the car retains its originality
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