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  1. It's that time of the year again! Put the items in your cart, wait for the right moment to cart out Save those vouchers! Black Friday is on Fri, 24 Nov 2023 Huat ah!
  2. Sales of Mitsubishi cars in Singapore will be suspended in 2024 because of a revised emissions scheme that applies from Jan 1, The Straits Times has learnt. The development will not affect existing owners, who will continue to be supported by multi-franchise motor group Cycle & Carriage (C&C), which represents the brand. C&C’s spokesperson said the move to suspend sales of new cars was driven by the change in the vehicle testing requirement and the enhanced Vehicular Emissions Scheme (VES). Both take effect on Jan 1, 2024. The Mitsubishi showroom on Alexandra Road was devoid of cars on display when ST visited on the afternoon of Dec 27. In 2025, C&C expects to bring Mitsubishi back with new models that would fare better under these regulations, starting with a new Outlander sports utility vehicle (SUV). Exact details of this model have not been made public. Registrations of Mitsubishi cars in Singapore fell from 3,632 units in 2016 to 238 in 2022. It will end 2023 with just 61 units. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/mitsubishi-to-suspend-sales-in-s-pore-as-revised-emissions-scheme-set-to-downgrade-some-new-cars
  3. To protect the consumer or business owner (and government coffer)? I hope Singapore and other countries will no follow suit. I cannot imagine how much more we need to pay for the same items without competition online (e-commerce and sales via social media). As consumer, we have to exercise due diligences when making purchase online, instead of relying on our givernment to protect us from being scammed. Source: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/asia/indonesia-ban-sale-goods-tiktok-shop-social-media-regulation-commerce-3802491 SINGAPORE: For the past two months, factory worker Subairi has come to rely on TikTok Shop to purchase his daily necessities. From baby formula to cooking oil, he stocks up on these items each payday. But with the announcement that the Indonesian government has banned the direct sales of goods on social media platforms, Mr Subairi - who like many Indonesians go by one name - is worried over the loss of a cheaper shopping alternative. “If TikTok Shop is banned, I will find it difficult to find items that are as cheap as (those sold there),” the 38-year-old from Karawang, West Java told CNA. “On other e-commerce platforms, the service fee is almost 10,000 rupiah (US$0.64) but on TikTok Shop it is totally free, with no conditions.” Mr Subairi added that the flash sales and payday promotions - normally offered at the end of the month when workers receive their salaries - on TikTok Shop make the prices much cheaper. He has been comparing prices of goods across various e-commerce platforms, and found those sold on TikTok Shop to be the cheapest. “Yesterday, I bought baby formula. Elsewhere, the cheapest price was 320,000 rupiah but on TikTok, with various discounts, I could get (the formula at) around 300,000 rupiah,” said the father of two. Meanwhile, TikTok Shop buyer Nadya Aulia Arma told CNA that while she disagrees with the new regulation, she will accept the development and switch to using other e-commerce platforms. “I honestly don't agree, because I will lose a place to buy things at low prices. But if it's for the good of the Indonesian people, that's okay. I'll go back to shopping on Shopee,” she said. On Monday (Sep 25), the Indonesian government announced that it will no longer allow social media platforms to double as e-commerce sites, in order to prevent the misuse of data. "(Social media) can only (be used to) facilitate the promotion of goods or services (but) direct transactions … (and) direct payments are no longer allowed; (social media) can only be used for promotion," said Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan after a closed meeting on electronic commerce issues. Under the Revised Ministry of Trade Regulation, a minimum import transaction of US$100 will also be imposed on goods purchased from abroad. While the ban has caught the disappointment of buyers, some sellers at physical stores in Indonesia have celebrated the move. Textile seller Iyal Suryadi told CNA that the sale of goods online has reduced his income. “In the local market where we sell our goods, sometimes we only sell one or two pieces of cloth in a week … If it continues like this, don’t even think about growing (the business); just being able to survive is good,” he said. He added that the prices of items sold on TikTok Shop “do not make sense”. “They sell goods at factory prices directly to consumers, not to distributors or resellers. It is true that we have entered the free market, but let's not go too far. “The government must act if it does not want the country's economy to be destroyed. The reason is that the money in this country revolves around the small people like us, not the rich,” said Mr Suryadi, who owns a shop at Pasar Cipeundeuy located in Subang, West Java. Similarly, Mr Raden, a seller at Tanah Abang market in Jakarta, agreed that TikTok Shop has hurt his sales due to the cheap prices offered on the social media platform. However, he told CNA that he disagrees with the new ban and suggested that the sale of items through social media be restricted instead. “(This is) because there are merchants here who also sell through TikTok. They are forced to sell on TikTok because the physical market is starting to be abandoned by buyers,” said Mr Raden, who goes by one name. “In my opinion, TikTok shops should not be banned but restricted. (Instead), foreign products should be stopped and domestic products should be sold.” In response to the ban, TikTok Indonesia said that it will abide by the laws and regulations of the country. "However, we also hope that the government will consider the effect (of the ban) toward the livelihood of six million local sellers and around seven million creator affiliates that use TikTok Shop," a TikTok Indonesia spokesperson was quoted as saying by Tempo on Tuesday. The platform, owned by China's ByteDance, reportedly said that it has received complaints from local sellers and has asked for certainty from the authorities regarding the newly issued regulation. According to Tempo, TikTok said that social commerce emerged as a solution to the problems faced by micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), adding that it believes that TikTok Shop was established to support local sellers to collaborate with local creators in order to boost traffic for their online shops. TikTok has been hit with allegations that its TikTok Shop service is implementing predatory pricing by selling imported goods at significantly lower prices, thus leading to major profit losses for MSMEs who struggle to compete with such prices. Mr Dedi Dinarto, lead Indonesia analyst at public policy advisory firm Global Counsel, told CNA that Indonesia is the first Southeast Asian country to implement regulations prohibiting social media companies from simultaneously operating as e-commerce platforms. “TikTok is expected to be the most affected, as TikTok Shop currently allows Indonesian buyers to make direct purchases within the app, whereas platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp lack built-in transaction features,” he said. However, he noted that small vendors who have benefited from TikTok Shop can still use any social media platforms to advertise their products, even though transactions will now need to be arranged separately between buyers and sellers. “Engaging in transactions outside of the apps may be considered risky, and this will place established e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, and Tokopedia as more trusted options for online purchases,” said Mr Dinarto. Meanwhile, speaking to CNA, Jakarta-based economist Bhima Yudhistira from the Center of Economic and Law Studies (CELIOS) said that banning social commerce is just a partial step to help SMEs. “The government also needs to monitor illegal imports through airplane passengers - such as through a service known as Jastip - and also support SMEs by lowering lending rates, increasing domestic purchasing power, and government procurement absorption of SME products,” said Mr Yudhistira. Jastip allows buyers to obtain items available overseas by contracting the services of travellers who can buy and deliver the goods in their travels.
  4. Source: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/this-is-the-worst-i-have-seen-in-20-years-quiet-showrooms-drive-many-car-sales-staff-out-of-industry?utm_keyword=dlvr.it They talk about online sale, I smell opportunity. 😈
  5. Took me quite some time to piece all the information together for this thread, which I have wanted to start a few months back. No right or wrong here, just some personal opinions on why I think the AD plays an important role in determining the resale value of the model sold by them. Feel free to share your thoughts (a forum is meant for members to engage in meaningful discussion, isn't it?) Many ADs has been playing hard to maintain the sales price of new car sold by them, citing reasons such as protecting customer's interest (by not having an unusually wide price fluctuation from month to month), guarantee a good resale value in the used car market (used car price is tagged almost directly to new car pricing), better service if buying the car from them directly, etc. But is that always the case? It is an open secret that when ADs are not able to meet their sales target, they will register the new car and sold it as used car through their used car division of even 3rd parties. I am using PML and Wearnes as an example below, to highlight the adverse effects of doing so. PML (BMW) With the new X3 priced from $302,888 (xDrive20i) / $308,888 (xDrive20i M-Sport) before over trade, the profit margin is between $68K to $71K, which is almost 150% of their respective OMV! Even after an generous O/T of say ~$30K, the net car price will still be around $270K to $280K. Yet PML would rather sell brand new unit at a much lower price (estimated to be ~$250K+) every month to used car dealers, only for it to be listed as used car, than to price it down to similar level for genuine buyers (direct PML customer). This is the screen grab I have taken from sgcarmart.com and the list is not exhaustive. You can even find pre-facelift X3, which was registered exactly a year ago, on the list (there are actually several units available, but the dealer don't want to give potential buyer the impression that they have to lelong the car in their inventory)! Based on the info I have, used car dealers got these units last year at just $200K thereabout, so they can continue to hold and wait (for uninformed buyer). So what does it got to do with resale value? Well, we all know that in a few years time, when the owner want to sell their ride, used car dealers will probably offer PARF + remaining COE value + another few $$$K for the body, and given the record breaking COE premium currently, the owner is likely to burn >$150K in just <5 years (buy at $280K, sell at $105K - $120K max. at 5th year). That's when some will KPKB that BMW has low resale value, nope? Wearnes (Volvo) Let look at the total number of V60 Cross Country and V90 Cross Country registered in the first 5 month of this year, 13 units in total. Want to make a guess how many of this units are sold as brand new used car? 1, 2 or 3? Well, I found 5 units listed on sgcarmart.com (I have reasons to believe there are more units available but not advertised - 'cos I saw at least another 1 - 2 units parked outside Wearnes Pre-Owned, probably management unit, which will eventually be sold as used car). That translate to ~40 to 50% of the new car sold as used. Reason for doing that? Having to meet sales quota without lowering the new car price. BTW, the profits for both model range from ~$67K to >$100K (before O/T), I will leave it to the readers to decide if that is reasonable for the brand. In the case of Volvo, it is a double whammy for the owners (be it brand new from Wearnes or brand new used car / management unit), as not only they are experiencing paper lost as what I have described above, with many used car in the market with transfer count of more than 1, the resale value will be further suppressed. One just need to browse the used car list on sgcarmart.com for the earlier model, and some can be had for ~$14K annual depreciation (in the current climate of $100K COE, so I cannot imagine when the COE return to $50K, these used car will have <$9K depreciation??) One particular unit of V60 Cross Country has been put up for sales for at least 2 months, with asking price of <$190K (for a 6 months old car) till the owner gave up and sell it to Eurokars Pre-Owned, so does that paint a picture that matches what I have written so far?
  6. 2019 Vehicle Sales Break down Alfa Romeo - 60 Alpine - 14 ALPINA - 2 Aston Martin - 21 Audi - 2,488 BMW - 5,346 Bentley - 69 Citroen - 303 Ferrari - 43 Honda - 15,205 Hyundai - 5,618 Infiniti - 162 Jaguar - 336 KIA - 4,227 Koenigsegg - 1 Lamborghini - 61 Land Rover - 300 Lotus - 2 Maserati - 103 Mazda - 3,095 McLaren - 21 Mercedes-Benz - 7,840 Mini - 453 Mitsubishi - 3,020 Nissan - 2,405 Opel - 629 Peugeot - 124 Porsche - 628 Range Rover - 1 Renault - 779 Rolls Royce - 41 RUF - 2 SEAT - 329 Skoda - 849 Subaru - 1,261 Suzuki - 467 Tesla - 14 Toyota - 12,923 VW - 2,175 Volvo - 874
  7. I can see one can check CEA for the agent but there is only basic information on it. What are the information I shall use to ensure I am talking to a normal agent? Name Reg. No. Reg. Period Awards Disciplinary Actions Remarks Est. Agent Name Licence Number
  8. one month can take back 6k to 8k for car sales. not bad. the toyota brand alrdy sells for itself SINGAPORE - In what may be another sign that the motor trade is bracing for a tailspin, Toyota agent Borneo Motors is planning to cut commissions paid to its sales staff - the first time it is doing so. According to sales executives who spoke on condition of anonymity, the Inchcape company is proposing to cut commissions by $100 to $350 per car. At the same time, it is looking to raise sales targets. "Easily, our monthly income will fall by $2,000," said one salesman, noting that sales staff's income averaged between $6,000 and $8,000 a month. Another said the cut was supposed to have been taken effect last month, but "it did not". The Straits Times understands this is because of the union, which has asked the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to intervene. An MOM spokesman said the ministry has "received a request from the Singapore Manual & Mercantile Workers' Union to conciliate a dispute involving its sales consultant members and Borneo Motors (Singapore) Pte Ltd over a proposed cut in commission and an increase in sales quota". "The conciliation process is ongoing," the spokesman added. "Both union and Borneo Motors' management are engaging actively in the conciliation process. Progress has been made on some issues but more work needs to be done on remaining issues where parties' positions differ." Borneo Motors' managing director Jasmmine Wong said: "We are in the midst of discussions which we have every two years. We have up to the end of the year to reach a conclusion. Nothing has been decided." Ms Wong - part of a new management team which replaced several veterans laid off two years ago - pointed out that the sales staff wanted "higher commissions and lower targets". She said this was not feasible in a market which is expected to shrink over the next two years on account of smaller certificate of entitlement quotas. On Monday (May 6), Nissan agent Tan Chong Motor decided to close its Bukit Timah showroom because of a shrinking number of walk-in customers. "My priority is to keep jobs," Ms Wong said. She added that the company had also put in a system which generates leads for its sales staff, as well as a car delivery division to relieve sales staff from non-sales duties. But a sales veteran said: "If the company is losing money, then we understand. But that is not the situation, and in any case, it is unfair to target sales staff alone." Borneo remains one of UK-listed Inchcape's top profit generators. Last year, it attained Toyota's Triple Crown award for industry-leading sales in passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle and taxi sales. According to two previous managing directors, Borneo has not had a sales commission cut before.
  9. Hello Guys , have anyone of you sell the car thru consignment basis ? I got this deal , buyer interested to buy my car.. but the middleman ( car today ) claims that I will need to do a transfer first name to new owner first , then i get paid 1-2days after the car name transfer.. in all my car buying and selling , even buyer with loan , all full payment is done immediately after transfer name is done ? I found it very fishy.. anyone any enlightment me ?? 1) what is name transfer and this middleman dod not transfer ? 2) they charge super high % commission up to 5% if u want the payment done on the before transfer ! Maybe it their tactics to get instant commission rather from loan and insurance ? 3) there is no confirmation letter or agreement that fund is transfer own witheld by them ( middleman ) ... any member car to share.. Is this a scam ?
  10. It is no surprised that with the arrival of the Urus, Lamborghini's sales would increase. Its latest year-to-date sales report confirmed that. The high performance SUV, which is now also its best-selling model, topped 2693 examples or 59% of sales from the brand between 1st of January to 30th of June this year. Thanks to the Urus, Lamborghini sold a total of 4553 vehicles around the world. In comparison, it only sold 2327 units in the first half of 2018 before the Urus went on sale, a whopping 96% lesser cars than it sold in 2019. Interestingly, the demand for the Aventador and Huracan has dropped but officially, there wasn't any explanation on why so. Sales of Asia Pacific for Lamborghini increased by more than double to 1184 examples but the highest sales growth goes to America which saw a 128% sales increase over last year. That says the largest market belongs to America and is followed by China, Britain, Japan and Germany.
  11. Slump in Singapore vehicle sales to worsen in 2019: Fitch ** I doubt that would be the case. Most likely they will reduce the quota to improve the road congestion. https://www.straitstimes.com/business/companies-markets/slump-in-singapore-vehicle-sales-to-worsen-in-2019-fitch *********************************************************************************************The contraction in vehicle sales will accelerate next year and hit rock bottom in 2021 despite an improving consumer outlook and a rise in ride-sharing demand, said a Fitch Solutions report yesterday. It noted that the drop in new vehicle registrations will worsen sharply from an estimated 11 per cent contraction this year to 20.1 per cent next year. In the longer term, new vehicle registrations will continue sliding, contracting at an annual average rate of 25.4 per cent over 2020 and 2021 before bottoming out. A rise in ride-sharing demand may also have mitigated some of the pressures during this contraction. However, Fitch analysts said the demand for vehicles from ride-share firms is unlikely to persist to the same extent over the remainder of their forecast period as Uber agreed to sell its South-east Asia business unit to its main rival, Grab. "We believe that this will diminish the pace at which vehicles will be purchased for ride-sharing purposes as there will be less competition and therefore less urgency to expand operating fleets in the country
  12. Hi ! Guys. Sorry, not sure can I post some baby stuffs for sales in this forum. Anyway, I do have baby stuffs to sell as my daughter has grown-up. (1) North States Superyard XT Gate (Condition: 10/10) Cash and Carry Price: S$80 (Retail at S$149) The Gate-Child 26" High Superyard XT opens easily, so you can have access to your child. It is totally portable so you get maximum convenience along with safety and durability. The weather-resistant Superyard can be used just about anywhere outside, and it's extra tall--26 inches high--so you can use it without worry. This Superyard is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, so you can be confident it's dependable and safe for your kids.(1) (2) MAXI COSI Cabriofix Pink Colour (Condition: 8.5/10) Cash and Carry Price: S$120 (Retail S$~300+) - Side Protection System offers optimal protection in side impacts - Giving baby extra legroom, allowing longer and safer rearward-facing travel - Snug fit for baby (3) The Maxi-Cosi Priori XP Black Colour (Condition: 7.5/10) Cash and Carry Price: S$120 (Retail ~S$300+) The Maxi-Cosi Priori XP is your trusted choice of car seat that covers all your needs for safe travel. Great seating comfort and added Side Impact Protection has made the Priori XP the favourite car seat among parents. (4) Lucky Baby Travel Playpen with carry bag (Condition: 9/10) Cash and Carry Price: S$60 (Retail S$99) Interested party, please send PM to me to deal :) Thanks for reading :)
  13. Do you think that those car models that are acquired by PHVs actually helped to boost the sales of these models for private car buyers? i.e. - Honda Vezel / HRV - Mitsubishi Attrage - Toyota Prius - Toyota Prius C - Mazda 3 - KIA K3 - Toyota Vios Does their attributes like riding comfort, fuel consumption, availability of parts, etc, actually helped to boost the sales for the above mentioned models when they are recommended by PHV drivers and riders? Or does it actually turn off buyers, like too common on the roads, long waiting time at servicing centers, etc? Say if PHV doesn't exist here, do the above models even sell for private car market?
  14. In other countries, SUVs are selling way more than sedan. This trend is slowly catching up in Singapore, but seems a little slow. Do you think Singaporeans will be switching to SUVs? Will you switch?
  15. Business Times - 16 Jul 2008 CNG car sales race ahead as petrol prices soar Over 800 units sold in past 6 months compared to just 34 for whole of 2007 By SAMUEL EE SALES of CNG cars are continuing to power ahead this year, with the number of such vehicles in the first six months soaring to 804 from a mere 34 for the whole of last year. According to the Land Transport Authority, there were 1,564 bi-fuel cars on Singapore roads as at end-June. June was also the hottest month in the first half of this year for such cars, with an all-time high of 124 units registered. Bi-fuel cars can run on both petrol and CNG (compressed natural gas). Mercedes-Benz is the only car maker that offers a CNG model - the E200 NGT (Natural Gas Technology) - direct from the factory. The rest of the petrol-engined cars here have been retrofitted with gas tanks and injectors so that they can also operate on CNG. As petrol prices soar, more and more buyers of new cars are converting their vehicles to run on CNG, which is less expensive. Apart from lower running costs, such retrofitted cars also attract a green vehicle rebate, currently set at 40 per cent of OMV (open market value). This means its list price will also be lower, thus outweighing the CNG conversion cost, which can range from $3,400 to $4,500, depending on the size of the gas tank installed. But the price of CNG is also rising fast because it is pegged to the price of high sulphur fuel oil (HFSO). Last week, it cost $1.59 per kg at Smart Energy, one of two CNG refuelling stations in Singapore. On Monday, the price rose to $1.73. 'The higher cost of CNG will definitely affect the demand for CNG cars because the price difference compared with petrol is reduced,' says Johnny Harjantho, managing director of Smart Energy. But he says that the mileage gains from CNG versus petrol will continue to make it a popular alternative, 'especially for those who travel a lot'. Mr Harjantho says that on average, a 2.0-litre car can travel about 250km on 18kg of CNG, for a cost per km number of 12.5 cents. For that same distance, the 2.0-litre car will need an average of 27.78 litres of petrol, or 23.4 cents per km using the cheapest fuel grade at $2.102 per litre. One parallel importer also believes the popularity of CNG cars will remain strong. 'Current demand is overwhelming,' he says. 'For every 10 enquiries about new cars, six or seven are for CNG models.' He adds that the waiting time for the installation of a CNG kit used to take two weeks two months ago. 'Now, the queue time is two months,' he notes. 'Look at it this way - one full tank of petrol for a 1.8-litre MPV costs $80 to $90. With CNG, it's about $40 or half the price. So, of course, you will go CNG.'
  16. With the assumption that consignment sales is transaction between buyer and direct owner, with dealer handling paperwork at a cost, that makes it equivalent to buying directly from owner which will comes without after sales warranty?
  17. Created a new thread to support good deals sharing. Cos nowadays too many platforms (qoo10, lazada, TB, amazon). Don't want a fragmented sharing session. Of course got any specific question, please go back to individual TB/qoo10 threads etc. Everyone share share haha
  18. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/south-korea-bans-sales-of-some-nissan-bmw-and-porsche-models/3408636.html SEOUL: South Korea has banned the sale of 10 models of Nissan, BMW and Porsche vehicles after the carmakers were found to have fabricated certification documents, in the latest fallout from the Volkswagen emissions scandal. The government announced in August that it would ban all 10 models after conducting an investigation into whether foreign carmakers besides Volkswagen AG falsified documents on emissions and noise-level tests. Nine of the models have been banned since last month and Nissan's Qashqai diesel sport utility vehicle has been banned since June, the environment ministry said on Monday. It said it has also fined the carmakers' local units a combined 7.17 billion won (US$5.9 million) for the affected 4,523 vehicles already sold in South Korea. Spokespersons at the South Korean units of Nissan Motor Co Ltd and BMW AG acknowledged the findings in the government investigation, saying they would try to achieve certification for those affected models again. A spokesperson at Porsche AG, which is owned by Volkswagen, was not immediately available for comment. South Korea has been tough with Volkswagen, filing complaints against local executives, suspending sales of most of its models and imposing fines for alleged forging of documents on emissions or noise-level tests. In the latest move, South Korea said last month that it will file criminal complaints against five former and current executives at Volkswagen AG's South Korean unit and fine the company a record 37.3 billion won for false advertising on vehicle emissions. South Korea's sales of imported cars fell 7 percent in the first 11 months of last year, heading for their first annual sales decline since 2009. (Reporting by Hyunjoo Jin; Editing by Susan Fenton) - Reuters
  19. It seems that there are car sales everywhere.. Is it really GSS time for cars, or just gimmicks? I recently had a chat with one rep, and the rep confided, that around this time, the companies, typically the ADs, will need to rouse up sales if they have not met the annual targets. And if you get it now, from reps who have not met their annual targets, there is a bigger hunger, so they will be willing to share their commissions with you, and help you get a better price. Having been to two sales recently, I can tell you from a first person point of view that the reps are truly keen to close a deal, and if you are really keen, get that cheque book ready, there are deals to be had. For example, BMW has their 100 year sale, and one can score a BMW 116d for 123k plus a bunch of freebies. The quantum of freebies that you get will depend on your bargaining skills and which rep is more hungry. So is a senior rep better or a junior one? IMO, the latter. He / she has targets to met, and is more willing to forgo the commission in order to keep his / her job.
  20. Do you believe that a good sales person can sell anything or an excellent product that could sell by itself even without a good sales person? well, my company was looking to upgrade our company phone system. my boss already have something in mind and wanted to know more about this particular brand. at the same time, my boss also wanted to compare other brands in the market. this is natural right? so we started to call the phone sales dept and making appointments for them to meet us in our office. most of the sales person that came to us are sincere with our biz and have a not too bad products too. but too bad, they were not what my boss wanted. so we put them on a KIV file. we still haven't get to meet the sales person from the particular phone company my boss wanted after meeting all the other phone sales person after 3 weeks. we were told that they can't schedule an appointment sooner becos they are too busy. ok, then the sales man came after 3 weeks. a short presentation, blah blah, and he goes. the sales man doesn't seen to be interested with our sales becos of our small office and the products are expensive. but my boss still decided to buy from him. so, do you upgrade yourself to be a good sales person or upgrade the value of your product to close a deal? (can only choose one) juz my thought.
  21. AMK ROADSHOW CRAZY SALES FOR HONDA VEZEL! 13TH - 15TH MAY 2016 Come on down this weekend and join us to check out our latest promo! We will be located at AMK Hub Main Entrance (near Breadtalk). We are having a great discount for our Honda Vezel models. Honda Vezel X 1.5A $94,800* This car need no introduction. It embrace the practicality of a MPV, the sporty looks of a coupe and ruggedness of a SUV. 4 Bid Guaranteed COE No Top Up Required ALL Colors Available FREE $5,000 Worth of Accessories 5 Years Warranty/100,000km *10 x FREE Servicing (only for AMK roadshow customers) **We offer on your money back lowest price guaranteed** Find us at AMK Hub this weekend or call our salespersons for more info!
  22. Have you guys ever receive drinking session from car sales advisor for a drink? Today receive a call from her . Ask me go out for a drink... Hmm Dunnoe got agenda or not ..... (Maybe I thinking too much Liao)
  23. [sweatdrop] how many package do you eat in a month?
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